Extended Care

Our extended care program offers parents options for busy lives.  The program is open for children attending Red Barn as well as those attending Joel Elementary School.   

Red Barn Preschool:  There is no minimum charge and attendees only pay for the time used down to the minute!  Click here for more information on rates.

School Age Children:  A minimum of 1.75 hours per week is charged at the end of the month if the monthly minimum has not been met.   Any care used beyond the minimum is billed on a per minute basis.  Click here for more information on rates.


Early Care

Early care begins at 7:00 and extends to 9:00 for preschool children or approximately 8:20 when the Joel School bus arrives.  Morning activities may include free play time, arts or crafts, breakfast, and/ or outdoor lawn games weather permitting. 

After Care

After care begins at 3:00 for Red Barn attendees and approximately 3:40 when the Joel School bus arrives.  Children getting off the bus are offered a Red Barn provided snack and then transition to the playground.  Children need this time to move as their time to free play in school is limited.  On poor weather days our Big Barn is open for business.  There are games, LEGOs, building blocks, bowling, books, art materials, a gym mat for BIG moves and other activities to choose from during their time with us. After care hours extend until 5:45 p.m.

Joel School 1/2 days

For the professional development early dismissal days at Joel School we offer care similar to the after care program.  Children typically arrive around 12:40 and head to the Big Barn where special activities are planned.  The children are given time to finish their lunches and then head outside to play. Typically we have an age-appropriate art project planned or perhaps a cooking activity (muffins, pancakes, granola, grilled cheese) which the children use as their snack in the afternoon.  Lawn games on the front lawn, extensive playground time and hikes on the trails may all be part of your child's afternoon.