Enrichment Programs

We offer a host of enrichment programs throughout the school year to supplement our early education and extended care programs.  These enrichment opportunities introduce your children to new experiences while in a safe and familiar environment.   These programs are offered at no additional cost. There is some variation from year to year and programs are often added within a given year so check back often for updates!


  • Amy's Active Learning: Amy offers customized workshops to help get kids moving in a fun interactive way.  Amy has helped us with our extended care program on early dismissal days. 
  • Reading with Kara:  Henry Carter Hull children's librarian and former preschool teacher comes once a month to read to the children.  She has a knack for bringing us books that become our new favorites!
  • Yoga and Mindfulness with Amy deLucia-Ferri (RBCC alumni and mom of two Red Barn students): Specifically designed for young learners, this yoga program keeps the children moving while teaching relaxation and self-control. 
  • Johnny Strings:  Local musician and Red Barn parent comes once a month to play music and sing songs with the children. 
  • John "Pop" Guelke:  A life-long lover of music and instruments, Mr. Guelke Sr. comes to share his guitar collection or native American flutes. 
  • With a Ph.D. in biology and a mom of two Red Barn students, Dr. Amy Cornell visits the Gray Barn once a month to facilitate STEAM activities based on our classroom studies.

Off Campus Field trips

  • Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme:  The Gray Barn children travel to the museum in the spring to paint by the river and enjoy lunch outside.  We provide a real live yellow school bus for the trip which is very exciting for the children!  
  • Meigs Point Nature Center, Madison.  Little Barn children enjoy learning about all the wonderful flora and fauna featured at the center.  This is often the children's first off campus field trip. Parents are encouraged to attend.