illness policy

If your child is not well, please keep your child at home – don’t be generous with their germs!  Below is a list of situations when your child, their classmates, and teachers would benefit form a home day:

- fever of over 100 (oral or temporal; should be below 100 for 24 hours without the aid of medication)

- child has started a new medication less than 24 hours before the start of their school day

-child has had a fever over 99.9 within 24 hours of the start of their school day

- unusual fatigue, paleness, lack of appetite, confusion or irritability

- unexplained rash

- suspect or confirmation that he/she may be contagious

- repeated diarrhea, vomiting within 24 hours of the start of their school day

- thick mucus or pus draining from the nose, eye or ear

- coughing fits so that it is difficult to breath and talk

- sore throat, especially if combined with fever or swollen glands

- any head injury requiring careful observation

It is best to have alternative child care plan options in place during the school year and before your child becomes ill.  Please notify us so we are aware of why he/she is at home if school is to be missed.  Should your child be sick in school, we will call the parent or listed care provider to take him/her home.  All children in attendance must be well enough to play outside with the group.  We strictly abide by our illness policy for the well-being of the teachers and the other children.  A pediatric nurse consultant is available for parent questions or concerns.


Children may not attend the program with an active lice infestation or when nits are visible.  Should lice be found during a child’s attendance, the parents or emergency contacts will be notified in order to pick up the child.  He/she may be removed from the classroom until he/she can be picked up.